What is Plant Power Prep?

Meal prep containers with salad and pasta primavera

Welcome to Plant Power Prep! We are so glad you are here. Plant Power Prep is a food blog which shares vegan recipes and meal prep ideas. The recipes are easy to make, cost-effective and packed with flavor! If you don’t have cooking experience, don’t be intimidated! We will walk you through step by step how to conquer your kitchen and prep for the week ahead!

Meet Elizabeth

Hi, I’m Elizabeth! I have been meal prepping plant-based meals for six years. I did not have time to cook a new recipe for every meal during college! So I began meal prepping and never looked back. It fits my busy lifestyle so well! It saves time, money and reduces food waste.

My friends had been joking for years and asking me to meal prep for them. “Elizabeth just tell me what to eat, I’m spending too much money going out to eat for lunch every day,” they would say while laughing. I didn’t think I had time to meal prep for myself and others also. But I realized I could write down my process and share it with others! This was the turning point for me.

Oats, pesto pasta and rainbow salad meal prep picture collage.

I decided to start this blog to serve others. I like to create recipes that anyone can make and give the detailed instructions to guide them through it. I’m not just talking about plain raw spinach, I love flavorful recipes that non-vegans love too! Over the years I found tips and tricks that make meal prepping easy. I have also tested a ton of recipes, so I know which ones save really well and which recipes I might not make again for meal prep. Thank you for stopping by! Take a look around and let me know if you try any recipes! I would love to hear from you!