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Vegan applesauce muffins on a cooling pan.
Breakfast, Snacks

Vegan Applesauce Muffins

These vegan applesauce muffins are tasty, simple and perfect for grabbing before running out the door in the morning! These muffins are dairy-free and egg-free and delicious when reheated! These muffins are sweet but not overwhelming, and easy to make! The raisins are a tasty surprise. This recipe is great for a quick breakfast or […]

Plant-based pesto in container on the table.

Vegan Pesto

VEGAN PESTO! You can whip up this sauce in 5 minutes! Great for pasta, grain bowls, or bread! We are talking about a creamy, garlicy, vegan-cheesy delicious sauce. And the basil! 😍 Don’t even get me started on fresh basil. We have a thankful board on our fridge, we write sticky-notes describing things we are […]

Minestrone Soup
Main course

Vegan Minestrone Soup

Packed with veggies and flavored with herbs. ☺️ This minestrone soup is tasty and comforting, and is a great appetizer or main course! This minestrone soup is like a hug in a bowl, which is perfect for chilly days in NYC. Sometimes the wind is so harsh it cuts through my heavy coat. Heating this […]